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Order the Longevity Test LDL Particle Size Distributions  

Please contact Longevity Testing via the link below for current pricing.  The shipping and handling includes the sample kit, the deliver of the sample kit and the refrigerated 2nd day air return of the blood sample to the analysis laboratory.  The second sample kit will be sent ~ 6 weeks after receiving the first blood sample.

The two event series consists of an initial blood sample, followed by a blood sample after 6-8 weeks of intervention.  The pre- and post-intervention samples are run side-by-side to eliminate all possible time and test dependent variation.  You will receive the side-by-side analysis to confirm any improvement as a result of lifestyle changes or intervention.

We will send you a sample kit with requisition form, disclosure form, consent form, sample instructions and payment options.  This test is not being provided as a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment of any disease.

Please read the Legal Notice before sending an email to Longevity Testing (sales@longevitytesting.com) with the following:

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email: Longevity Testing (info@longevitytesting.com)