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Knowledge about Cholesterol Particle Size is PowerLDL pattern B particles enter artery wall

  • Can I shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to well-being and longevity?

  • Although many genes influence our health and life expectancy, they are not longevity genes.  In fact, our genes control only 25% of how well we age and how long we live, while our environment is responsible for 75%, of our life span.  Can I determine if my lifestyle and intervention efforts to modify my longevity are working?

  • Knowing the size distribution of lipoprotein particles in your blood is crucial to your ability to monitor positive changes in these particles.  Can I monitor changes in lipoprotein size profile and select the appropriate early-stage and on-going intervention?

The answer is YES, by using the Longevity Test.

email: Longevity Testing (info@longevitytesting.com)