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Centenarians have a Better Cholesterol Profile

What was learned from studies of Centenarians?

The centenarians and offspring had higher levels of the good cholesterol.  But when the researchers looked at lipoprotein size, the centenarians stood out.  Eighty percent of them were found to have an unusually high proportion of large particles.

Living Longer and Larger: It's in the Size of Cholesterol-Carrying Molecules

LDL particle size - larger is better for longevityScientists trying to figure out why just 1 person in 10,000 lives to be 100 have found an important clue in the blood.

Centenarians, a new study shows, tend to have larger than average cholesterol-carrying molecules.

The study adds to an emerging collection of evidence that suggests  the size of lipoproteins, both good and bad, may play a significant role in heart disease, diabetes and, consequently, longevity.

By Mary Duenwald, the New York Times  October 15, 2003,  JAMA. 2003 Oct 15;290(15):2030-40

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