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The Longevity Test series consists of two test sets which provide a side-by-side comparison of HDL and/or LDL distribution profiles of a sample taken before intervention to a second sample taken after 6 to 8 weeks of intervention.   This testing technique greatly improves the value of the test data since the individual is their own control.  A shift to larger particle size indicated the intervention is having a positive effect.  The cost of this test to the practice is the specific test fee for the two sampling events, plus shipping and handling.  Contact Longevity Testing via the email below for current pricing.

Medical Professionals who do not draw blood can be accommodated by calling the laboratory. (407) 227-7074.  For billing arrangements contact Morris Consulting, LLC at (407) 227- 7074 and we will send you a medical professional start-up kit.  The kit includes sampling instructions, physician account set-up and shipping options. 

The Longevity Test is NOT being provided as a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment of any disease.  If you are not licensed and still want to order test, see the frequently asked questions page

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