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Prevention is the Path to Life Extension

The treatment of disease is not an effective approach to life extension.  At the present, no drug cures a chronic disease.  Drug therapy is targeted at relieving the symptoms of the disease.

Given the right tools, the human body has an amazing capacity to heal and care for itself.  This means that nothing is more important than good nutrition - one’s basic diet, supplemented by what is deficient in the diet. If there are serious deficiencies, this will eventually result in dire consequences. Scurvy and pellagra are good examples.  Nutraceuticals  are non-toxic, highly specialized foods which can provide the body with the necessities to heal itself and thereby remain healthy as long as our individual genetics allow.

We believe preventative treatment must be measurable at the individual.  This is accomplished by comparing your personal biological profile before and after intervention instead of comparing your biological profile to a "normal" group.


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