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How do I order tests for clients as a non-physician medical professional

For several options contact Morris Consulting, LLC at (407) 227 7074 or email sales@longevitytesting.com

What states allow direct access testing?

An individual's ability to order tests without a request from a physician is regulated by the individual states.  The latest list, published in 2001, is provided as a pdf file

Will insurance providers pay for the Longevity Test?

The cost of research tests are NOT normally covered by health insurance providers, Medicare or Medicaid. Contact the health insurance provider for specific information.


What type of tests do other laboratories provide?

The other laboratories (Berkeley Heart Laboratory, Atherotech, and Liposcience), who provide this type of test, are affiliated with universities and use a non-FDA-compliant standard.  Quantimetrix, who sells a kit to clinical laboratories does provide a total HDL and LDL standard, but does not provide a particle size distribution standard.  The tests from Berkeley Heart Laboratory and Quantimetrix use electrophoresis analysis.  While Atherotech uses ultracentrifugation and Liposcience uses nuclear magnetic resonance analysis.

How long has the Longevity Test been in development?

The particle size distribution test was under development as a clinical test for use by doctors and patients for ~ 10 years.  This particle size distribution test is uniquely able to monitor an individual's change in cholesterol carrying particle size distribution.  The unique gradient gel uses proprietary and licensed technology.  For additional technology information contact Morris Consulting, LLC at 407 227-7074.  For background on clinical lipoprotein gradient gel electrophoresis test development see article "Protocol for the preparation of a segmental linear polyacrylamide gradient gel: simultaneous determination of Lp[a], LDL, and HDL particle sizes", X Li, W Innis-Whitehouse, WV Brown and NA Le, in the Journal of Lipid Research, Vol 38, pp 2603-2614.


Why are we providing a research test?

There is an urgent need by the public for this more sensitive method to monitor changes in the distribution of LDL and HDL particles and the link between size change and both longevity and cardiovascular disease.  Hence the decision by Morris Consulting, LLC to provide physicians and the public timely access to the Longevity Test information as a research test via LongevityTesting.com.   This test provides a direct comparison of pre- and post-intervention samples using the same gel and processing conditions.  This approach eliminates the need for a "particle size standard" because the pre-intervention sample is the internal standard for each individual.

Morris Consulting, LLC must comply with government regulations on all the following:

  • the definition of a research test

  • marketing
  • blood sample collection
  • how individual test result can be used


The Patient Disclosure Statement is part of the paperwork required by Morris Consulting, LLC comply with these laws.  Morris Consulting, LLC will maintain the highest quality standards in its sample analysis and will provide a much higher level of quality control than required by the clinical regulations.  


Why run the before and after intervention at the same time?

When the before and after intervention samples are run on the same gel at the same time many time dependant sources of error are eliminated, such as errors associated with slight changes in gel manufacturing or electrophoresis settings.  These time dependant errors could not be accurately measured and corrected without a true standard.


What is needed for the Longevity Test to pass CLIA requirements as a clinical test?

Method validation must be done using an already approved Predicated Device or a true clinical standard.  However, there are no predicated devices approved for lipoprotein particle size determination and no lipoprotein particle size standard is currently approved.

Who is sponsoring the Longevitytesting.com web site?

Morris Consulting, LLC was created to bring new electrophoresis testing technology to the clinical and research markets.  Our mission is to provide access to tests which dramatically increase the identification of individuals at risk of disease and thereby extend their years of productivity, health and enjoyment through early prevention and intervention.  Our goal is to provide the individual and medical professional with the knowledge to take a stronger role in preventative care and intervention.  The lead analyst has more than 30 years experience with specific focus on the electrophoresis of blood samples since 1974.  Longevitytesting.com was developed as a communications and marketing tool by Morris Consulting, LLC. 



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